Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Bomb from Mario Bros.

CJ has been playing the Wii alot lately and he downloaded a few of the old school Mario games. He NEEDED to have his own bomb, so here he is.

And here is his pattern:

Body – With black. R1: Sc 6 into a circle. R2: INC (12). R3: Sc 1, INC (18). R4: Sc 2, INC (24). R5: Sc 3, INC (30). R6: Sc 4, INC (36). R7: Sc 5, INC (42). R8: Sc around (42). R9: Sc 5, DEC (36). R10: Sc 4, DEC (30). R11: Sc 3, DEC (24). R12: Sc 2, DEC (18). R13: Sc 1, DEC (12). R14: DEC (6).

Top Cap – With gray. R1: Sc 6 into a circle. R2: INC (12). R3: INC (24). R5: Sc around (24).

Feet – make 2 – With yellow. R1: Sc 6 into a circle. R2: INC (12). R3-6: Sc around (12). R7: DEC (6). R8-9: Sc around (6).

Fuse – With yellow. Chain 16. 2 sc in each chain across.


Kiba said...

What a great pattern! I mentioned it as the first in a series of Geeky Crochet objects at my blog:

Sandy said...

Hi! thank you so much for the pattern! i like your bob omb a lot! i will put you in my list of favorite blogs =) greetings from mexico!

Alexia said...

All your patterns are cute.

Aurora said...

I just did a Super Mario for my youngest son, who is only 3, but loves the game, so thanks so much for making this really cute pattern. I can't wait to get started on him.