Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Dust Bunny

This is the Dust Bunny I made for a friend who just moved to a new house. He wa s quite easy to make and I added a dust cloth for him to help out around the house. On his other arm is his intro tag which reads:

Species: imported dust bunny
Habitat: small, dark places
Grooming: self dusting
Care: Allow dust bunnies to multiply. That's when they are happiest.

Now onto the pattern:
Body/Head - R1: sc 6 into a circle (6). R2: INC (12). R3: Sc 1, INC (18). R4: Sc 2, INC (24). R5: Sc 3, INC (30). R6: Sc 4, INC. (36). R7-8: Sc around (36). R9: Sc 4, DEC. (30). R10: Sc 3, DEC (24). R11: Sc 2, DEC (18). R12: Sc 1, DEC (12). R13: DEC (6).
Ears - R1: sc 6 into a circle (6). R2: INC (12). R3-11: Sc around (12).
Legs & Arms - R1: sc 6 into a circle (6). R2: sc 2, INC (8). R3-7: Sc around (8).
Tail - R1: sc 6 into a circle (6). R2: INC (12).
Assembly - Embroider mouth, sew on button eyes. Cut small rag from felt and sew on.


Sharon said...

I LOVE the dust bunny!!! He's absolutely adorable... is he for sale? He'd be a great gift for some people I know! ;)

gnathalie2 said...

LOL!!! I can't wait to make one!!!

Laurie T said...

I love making this bunny !!! Is it ok if I sell them at our chuch craft fair???

Mickey said...

Absolutely! Glad you enjoyed him!

Laurie T said...

Mickey, sorry it has taken me so long to thank you !! Life happens you know. Looking forward to making these for next year's craft fair !! Laurie